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Aug 24 2014 9:47 pm

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been playing this constant game where
        i am torn between wanting to seek help
and wanting to not seek help because seeking help would
        legitimate the fact that something was wrong.

post structuralist approaches to grief and mental illness.

Aug 24 2014 9:42 pm

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Aug 24 2014 7:48 pm

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Post hair cut pre nepal. Love it when my hair is silky and straight. :)

Aug 24 2014 6:43 pm

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Aug 20 2014 10:45 pm

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Anonymous Asked: One of the saddest and most hil- NO BITCH, the sad thing here is the fact that you're a stripper. If you want respect, maybe you should've graduated high school. 😂😂 when did stripping become a legitimate career?




Awww, you tried so hard, but unfortunately I can’t hear you over the sound of my debt-free college degree and massive disposable income.


Oh snap

omfg i’ve never been more in love with a response

Aug 20 2014 10:43 pm

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fka twigs @ webster hall, 8.6.14

photo by Amanda Hatfield

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Aug 20 2014 10:42 pm

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this made me legit lol

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Aug 19 2014 10:04 pm

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Aug 19 2014 10:00 pm

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my childhood friend was beaten to a pulp and left to die in a park in Cd. Juarez


Please advocate against violence, please start appreciating the life of women, including those who identify as such. 

also he did boxing as a hobby, fuck these dumb as broads who devalue human life 

Aug 19 2014 9:25 pm

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The damas go from the church to the reception in a Ford Explorer limousine at Ruby’s quinceañera
Huntington Park, California

Riding in a limo on your quinceañera just kind of adds to the emotion, you know? It’s a princessy thing. Every girl dreams about being a princess and being pampered. You want to grow into being pretty and loved and everything. I wanted my damas to look like little princesses, Cinderella-style. They had their own little crowns.

 I have really mixed feelings about the story of Cinderella. Of course, it’s every girl’s dream to find Prince Charming and marry and have a nice life. But Cinderella can’t do anything for herself. She’s dependent on the fact that Prince Charming’s gonna come and take her, and if it weren’t for him, she probably would stay there, you know?

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